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December 2005

Dear ENAHPA Members, Friends and Supporters,

As we enter the holiday season and close the year 2005, I thank you for your continued support and deep commitment to the Ethiopian North American Health Professionals Association (ENAHPA) and its mission and vision.  I wish you and your loved ones good health, prosperity, peace and happiness in 2006.  Under the leadership of the Board of Directors, chairpersons, committees and the general membership the year 2005 has been very successful. 

A few of ENAHPA's achievements in 2005 include:

1) The largest medical/surgical mission yet (71 delegates) visited Ethiopia in May/June 2005.  The team performed complex cardiac, neurological, obstetric/gynecologic, video-assisted laparoscopic, otolaryngologic and cardiac pacemaker implant surgeries in addition to giving advanced lectures, workshops and hands on training of medical professionals.

2) In September/October 2005 the oral and maxillofacial, plastic and reconstructive surgery team performed many complex surgeries.

3) In collaboration with our partners the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health and the Christian Children's Fund of Canada (CCFC), the HIV/AIDS holistic care continued expansion under the direction of Drs. Yigeremu Abebe and Ruth Lekassa. All Leprosy Education Research Training (ALERT) Hospital was designated by the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health as a center of excellence for training healthcare professionals in the care of HIV/AIDS patients.

4) The inauguration of the Maternal and Child Health Center in Awassa to serve as a
"pilot" program for the nation.

5) Through donations from individuals and organizations, we sponsored 42 primarily HIV/AIDS orphaned children.

6) 32,400 books and journals along with large volumes of medical equipment, instruments, supplies and pharmaceuticals products were delivered to 6 libraries (including Addis Ababa, Jimma and Gondar Universities).

7) The International Visiting Scholars Fellowship program was established at the University of Toronto and A. Bernard Ackerman Academy in New York City.

8) A partnership was formed between ENAHPA, the Canadian Network for International Surgery (CNIS) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for the purpose of establishing dedicated obstetrical and surgical skills learning centers in three universities (Addis Ababa, Gondar and Jimma).

Calendar of Events for the Year 2006 Includes:

     ▪ February 11, 2006 to February 24, 2006:  Ear, nose and throat, skull base   neurosurgery and interventional radiology teams will travel to Ethiopia under the   leadership of Dr. Richard Wagner..
     ▪ Friday, April 28, 2006 and Saturday, April 29, 2006: the ENAHPA Annual  Convention will convene at the Crowne Plaza Washington Hotel in Silver
      Spring, Maryland.  It is our Fifth Anniversary.
     ▪ Saturday, May 27, 2006 to Sunday, June 11, 2006: multidisciplinary   medical/surgical mission team with approximately 50 delegates will travel to   Ethiopia.
     ▪ June 2006:  Joint Ethiopian Medical Association (EMA) and ENAHPA Annual
      Conference in Addis Ababa will convene concurrently with the medical/surgical   mission.  This event is primarily sponsored by ENAHPA and the University of   Alberta.
     ▪ International Visiting Scholars Fellowship program will expand to other   universities such as Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan
     ▪ Forging a partnership with the Clinton Foundation for the pediatric arm of the
Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health, ENAHPA and CCFC HIV/AIDS Care

As we usher in the year 2006, let us all individually and collectively reach out in giving hope to our sisters and brothers in Ethiopia, Africa and the global society for the need is profound and there is much more to do.  Again, my gratitude to all who extended their hands and helped ENAHPA make 2005 another very successful year. "Together we can make a difference".

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season!

Ingida Asfaw, MD
ENAHPA President

Ingida Asfaw, M.D., F.A.C.S.
44555 Woodward Ave. Suite 307
Pontiac, Michigan
(248) 858-3939-Office
(313) 331-4547-Home


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